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Egyptian Live Music and Belly Dance Festival

Camp Negum is a unique belly dance Festival in Egypt.  Our event gives dancers direct contact with the music and cultural behind Raqs Sharki.  Our festival is small and personal so dancers can get to know one another, the teachers and the musicians.  Our teachers are some of the biggest stars to have performed or are currently performing in Egypt. Safaa Farid’s Orchesta Negum is the worlds most recognized and respected orchestra for dancers. The members of Orchestra Negum have collectively played for most of the famous dancers in Egypt over the last 25 years.

Camp Negum privides a one-of-a-kind dance experience in that many of the classes and all of the performances are to live music!

Camp Negum is a noncompetitive event and an all-inclusive price makes it affordable to dancers.  As well as master instruction and performances, CampNegum offers the opportunity to experience the culture of Egypt with performances by authentic, local folk groups and excursions to cultural sites.

Camp Negum festival also gives dancers the chance to relax.  Our Dahab Camp on theRed Seaoffers world-class diving and  snorkeling, dessert excursions to Bedouin campsites and pristine beaches.  Our Luxor/Aswan Cruise offers the most amazing ancient wonders of Pharonic Egypt while cruising down the Nile.  There is something for the whole family.

Leila Farid (one of the most popular and respected performers in Egypt today) created Camp Negum to foster respect for the music, musicians and traditions of Egyptian dance while allowing performers to gain a deeper understanding of Raqs Sharki and in the process to find their own voiceand style.

Belly dance, perform, study, relax and site see, all with Live Egyptian Music and Master Egyptian Teachers….The Camp Negum experience.

Check out our YouTube Channel for Camp Negum to find footage of all our past events. Click on “Watch on YouTube” then “Camp Negum under this video to get to our channel.

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Safaa Farid has been singing for and managing belly dancers in Egypt for over 25 years.  Over the course of his career he has performed with many different dancers in thousands of venues from the Cabarets of Harem to the best five star Hotels in Cairo.  As an orchestra leader he has directed orchestras in nightclubs in Germany and Vienna, in theater engagements in Australia and England and in festivals in Finland, Japan, Russia, Ukraine and in Egypt (both the Ahlan w Sahlan and Nilegroup festivals).  He has recorded numerous songs for CD’s of bellydance music and acted as art director and producer of CD’s for many international and Egyptian dance artists.  He has also appeared in three films singing with dancers.  He is one of the founders of Camp Negum.